Jason W. Gullifer, Ph.D.

Computer Science Teacher
Marianopolis College

Research Associate
McGill University

Cognitive Neuroscience
Language Science


Language is filled with uncertainties, and people who know multiple languages manage several uncertainties across linguistic systems. In my interdisciplinary research program, I investigate the mechanisms that allow people to develop expertise in managing the uncertainties they encounter in their environments. I use multilingualism as a lens to study these issues. For a recent manifesto on language-related uncertainty, check out Gullifer and Titone (2021).

To pursue my research goals, I employ multiple methodologies (including eye tracking, neuroimaging, questionnaires, and behavioral responses), which are optimal for revealing associations between real-world experience, language processing, brain dynamics, and executive control. I use methods and tools that reduce or capitalize on the multivariate nature of the problem space to better identify the constructs and variables that are theoretically and statistically relevant, including entropy measures, principal component analysis, machine learning, and network analysis.

My work is supported by several research grants I have secured from international agencies (US and Canadian), including NSF (as co-PI on a dissertation improvement award), NIH (as PI on a F32 postdoctoral fellowship), and SSHRC (as PI on two Insight Development Grants, and as co-PI on one Insight Grant).

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