Jason W. Gullifer, Ph.D.

Computer Science Teacher
Marianopolis College

Research Associate
McGill University

Cognitive Neuroscience
Language Science

Tutorials and Resources


Gullifer & Tiv. (2018). Short tutorial on manipulating and plotting data with R.

Description: An introductory presentation on data manipulation and visualization using the tidyverse and ggplot2 packages. The link to the github repository is above. Jason Gullifer developed and presented the data manipulation tutorial (slides here) and Mehrgol Tiv developed and presented the plotting tutorial (slides here).


Gullifer. (2016). McGill R Workshop for Beginners.

Description: The goal of this workshop was to teach members of the Centre for Research on Brain, Language and Music how to use R for their research. The course was directed at beginners so they could start to realize the awesome power of programming!

Other resources:

  • Mehrgol Tiv has a fantastic set of tutorials and resources on her website.