Jason W. Gullifer, Ph.D.

Computer Science Teacher
Marianopolis College

picture of jason w. gullifer

I teach Computer Science at Marianopolic College.

I received my Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and Language Science at The Pennsylvania State University in 2015, working with Judy Kroll and Giuli Dussias. After, I moved to Montréal as an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow at McGill University.

In my time as a researcher and educator, I have been dedicated to teaching others to use technology, software, and programming techniques to achieve their goals. I realized early on that technology and programming are highly useful because they allow for the fast and reliable completion of repetitive tasks. Scientists and researchers complete many such tasks, including data munging and analysis. They can thus benefit by incorporating programming techniques into their workflows to make their science more efficient and replicable.

In my research, I investigate the cognitive, linguistic, and neural mechanisms involved in language use. I use multilingualism as a lens to study these processes. Bilinguals and multilinguals become experts in controlling uncertainties across their languages at multiple levels. My work, which combines computational, behavioral, and neuroscience methods, shows that aspects of multilingualism and language diversity impact neurocognitive and linguistic outcomes.

distribution of language entropy across different social contexts french-english bilinguals in montreal. contexts like reading and writing for work purposes have low language entropy. contexts like thinking and dreaming have high language entropy. topic networks and communities by language (dominant vs. non-dominant). networks for the dominant language are larger and have fewer communities. networks for the non-dominant language are smaller but have more communities.

You can find out more about my interests by visiting my Research page or my YouTube Channel.